Beyond the "Why can't I download Synergy 2?" (in which the answer, 90% of the time, is that you didn't know you needed to buy it and so you don't have a license) question, there's also one concerning the license of Synergy 2 that I find asked frequently enough to be answered in a dedicated topic. This question is "Is this a beta license?", or some variation. @Nick Bolton, if I missed anything, feel free to add it to the topic! The Synergy 2 license is a full license. There is no transition from a beta license to a full production license. The license you have now is labelled "Synergy 2 Pro". That's exactly what it is. It covers beta and production Synergy 2 Pro. There will be nothing removed (as far as I am aware) from Pro in Synergy 2, but there will be feature swapping that will impact Basic users (SSL coming to Basic, some Basic features becoming Pro-exclusive). What you are buying for $19 is funding for the Synergy 2 project (for Symless) and the final license for Synergy 2. It's just that the final Synergy 2 Pro license you have now allows you access to the special betas that Synergy makes available in order to collect your feedback and ensures that user feedback through the forums is taken into consideration for the Synergy 2 development. Just thought I should answer a question that, again, is asked frequently enough to where it will soon get redundant to explain the license details to everybody that asks.