[Fedora 26] How to running as a daemon before login

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I want to execute the synergyc client as a daemon on Fedora 26.

It can running through user manual execute the synergy on GNOME application already, and run well.

But I want it run automatic rather than user intervene.

Please tell me how should I do, thanks a lot.

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As far as I know Running it before "GNOME" is not possible since you would not have screen to run it on.

What you can achieve easily is running it on login. Easiest way to do that is to install gnome tweak tool. When you open it on left hand side there will be position in menu to setup startup applications. You can add synergy there.

Some more issues you would face running it during login would be:
1. x server is restarted after login, so you would need to run it after login again
2. login screen is not prepared to run additional apps and it might cause more harm security wise then good

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