New MacBook Issue? Client disconects/reconnects

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First off I've been running Synergy in a very similar config for over 3 years without an issue. I have a macbook (OSX Sierra) running a client connected to a Windows 10 PC as the server. I recently got a new macbook and I can not get Synergy stable on it. After a clean reboot it works for about 24hrs then the next day it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting working for about 30 secs in between. This has been the case the last 3 days since getting the new macbook. I turned on DEBUG2 but it doesn't log anything useful.

As you can see it just disconnects from the server and reconnects a second later.

[2017-09-28T10:30:33] NOTE: disconnected from server

[2017-09-28T10:30:34] NOTE: connecting to '':

[2017-09-28T10:30:34] WARNING: cursor may not be visible

[2017-09-28T10:30:34] NOTE: connected to server

[2017-09-28T10:30:56] INFO: entering screen

I tired version 1.8.8 and 1.9.0 rc3 but both behave the same. Any ideas anyone???

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