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I have a minor annoyance maybe one of you out there could help me fix.

I am a part time Stock trader I run synergy between a mac, desktop i built with 4 monitors, and a laptop that has 2 screens attached one mimics the laptops screen. Pic attached 

Here is what I wanted to figure out a fix for- the main Host screen is the one under the top left screen and works perfect to get to mac to left but in order to get to laptops screens I have to go to right of top right screen when going threw the screen under it would make way more sense I've tried some configuring in synergy and display settings.

Its definitely a first world problem just thought maybe somebody has had this issue and wouldn't mind throwing the fix to me.

Thanks in advanced for anyone who takes the time to help me out.IMG_2366.thumb.JPG.b0534da51b47630cbc9d87b37327ece9.JPG


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