Use Edge Pressure for transitioning screens.

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I've been using double-tap to switch screens in order to allow computer switching, as well as monitor snapping with a mouse. 'Switch after waiting' is an even better setting, but if I window snap, and don't move my mouse away from the edge quick enough, it proceeds to move to the next monitor, and I need to wait again to move it back. 

Ubuntu's Unity launcher used a mechanism for hiding/unhiding their dock where is was based on edge pressure. Rather than needing the cursor to rest against the edge of the edge of the screen, it would require the user to reach the edge, then keep travelling a certain amount before it would un-hide the dock.

I think this would be a good mechanism for switching machines, it as less intrusive than double-tapping or waiting at the edge of the screen, while also interfering less in the operations of a single device such as window-snapping.

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