I did see a couple of these in search, but I'm seeing a lot of contradictory posts on top of the fact that most of the information goes against what I paid for. I bought Synergy many, many years ago. Before there was Basic VS Pro or a user limit, and the only benefit was that I got the "latest and greatest" version a little before it was released, for free, to the rest of the internet. I was sold, by way of direct verbiage from the company something that completely overshadows any of the later changes that came about. I was sold the latest and greatest version of Synergy, no matter what, forever. It wasn't even called a lifetime license at the time, because no such thing existed. If I wanted to take the time digging through my multiple mail archives I could likely find the exact email I received when I purchased. I find it in really bad taste that the question needs to be raised on whether my "lifetime license" for Synergy includes Synergy 2, and in all honesty if I'm told no it raises the question on if it's even legal?... Granted I wouldn't push that far, but someone else might. And no, I'm not throwing around the legality as some sort of threat, personally I would likely just stick with 1.* or move on. But the fact that it comes up should make people stop and think. Apart from the fact that by my understanding of the original purchase I (and others) should have the 0 flipped to a 1 on 2.0 ownership, this raises other questions of trust and reliability. If really fancy wording and carefully thought out retcons can change what I purchased originally, why can't it happen again? What if the $5 offer in my inbox changes from a full license into a beta only license? Or if Synergy 2 literally means only Synergy 2.0 and not Synergy 2.1? I do realize that the name of Synergy was changed from "Synergy" to "Synergy 1", and it will likely be argued that "All previous licenses for Synergy are actually for the product renamed to Synergy 1, and Synergy 2 is a completely different product", but in contrast I would argue that in every other instance of versioning names that I can think of, "lifetime" still encompassed all of them.   And I do take issue with the white horse "Then ask for a refund", "It's worth that much and more", "For everything you get and can use it for!". That's not the point of this argument, the point is that I, and others, paid for Synergy when it was just a small time piece of software that was available for free to help support development, and that good faith purchase feels like it's being shoved back in our faces when that same software has exploded into popularity.   I am willing to actually discuss this topic, but don't want to get pulled into arguments that are never going anywhere. I mean no disrespect but I am (hopefully understandably) annoyed at the situation and the fact that this is still a question.