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What's an issue and what's just not working yet

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Just throwing this out there.

I realize that this is a beta release and information is limited and certainly not in a polished format, but I was wondering how we are supposed to know what is a bug or issue and what just hasn't been implemented yet, or is expected behavior? 

For example, I can't seem to get S2 to connect my two computers until I open the user interface on both.  They will then find each other and everything is good.  Is this the way it works at this time, or is it supposed to automatically connect when I boot up both computers?  If I close the user interface, S2 seems to lose the connection after a while and I have to re-open the interface on both computers to reconnect.  If I leave the interface open, I rarely lose connection.  If this is the current state and expected behavior, I don't want to start a thread indicating a problem when this is just how it works at this point.

I hate to waste developers time posting "bugs" that are actually processes or features that have not been fully implemented yet.  I also expect you would have fewer angry posts if new users had some idea what to expect when they installed S2.  I have never developed commercial software, but I have written several in-house programs.  I always found that it was more efficient to have some sort of manual for the users to refer to, even in early stages.  If a part of the program didn't work or was not fully implemented, the manual so indicated.  When it was working, partially or fully, I updated the manual accordingly and replaced the old version online.  This reduced the number of complaints, questions, and rants considerably.  The manual had to be written eventually, so the time spent on keeping it live throughout development more than offset the time lost with user complaints, etc.

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its supposed to work without having the GUI open.(its a bug a lot of people are having right now)

just make a post, we, everyone on this forum, will try to help you and figure out if the developers need to know it, if so we'll usually tag nick(his staff never looks on the forum).


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