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Hi all, 

I'm excited to see that Synergy 2 is supposed to be more "hands off" zero-config type of awesomeness.

That said, I was able to get it installed on two machines...

1) Windows 10 x64

2) Elementary OS Loki

I used the Ubuntu package to install on Loki and it runs fine.  On both machines I see the new simple UI, with just that machine's hostname represented.  Is the idea that when I install on multiple machines they register with some cloud service, and I automatically see them?  If thats the case its not working, and as others have mentioned.. I really have no idea how to get to any configuration options to see whats going on?

Given the rather drastic nature of the changes, I searched for some kind of "getting started" doc for Synergy 2, but haven't found one yet -- if one exists please link me.

Thanks for any help.

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Mitey, beta 4 doesn't have documentation yet. It's an incompletely developed test version for beta testers to try and report back about. As such, it's a little bit of a shock to those of us used to the stable version 1. There are some preliminary guides posted as stickies on the top of this Beta Access Forum. I'm glad to see you are working through them.

I would wonder about the Windows Firewall. This post seems to have has success with this configuration:

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