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Synergy 2 Beta not at all functional

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I've read the troubleshooting guides and got Synergy working for a few minutes, it keeps crashing on my Mac and I can't get the Synergy window to come back, even after force quitting the services. Synergy 2 really isn't good enough to be called a "Beta". If you have to turn off your Windows firewall to make it work, then it is not ready for beta testing.

My setup:

Server: Windows 10 1703


Client: MacOS Sierra 10.12.6


A few notes:

MacOS Sierra:

  1. Still doesn't work with Microsoft RDP client (Meta keys don't work, not even shift key)
  2. Windows key in Parallels client doesn't work


  1. Doesn't automatically release mouse input from VM (if you click in a full screen VM, you can move your mouse to the next computer, but mouse clicks won't work)
  2. No hot keys to switch to other computer

I am still using the following setup so I can avoid having to deal with the above bugs (excluding the hot keys, which are great in Synergy 1!):

PC: 1.7.5 (synergy-v1.7.5-stable-fa85a24-Windows-x64)

Mac: 1.8.5 stable

The Microsoft RDP issue has been around for ages, and no one seems interested in fixing it.

I would like to keep using Synergy 1 so I can at least do my work, but I can't even register it any more!

I really don't understand the reasoning behind hiding all menu or configuration options. It is harder to configure when there is no configuration!

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Nick Bolton

Finally, Synergy 2 beta5 is here! Could you give it a try?

Get the latest version: Synergy-v2.0.0-beta5

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