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A portable version that stores everything (activation/key-token, settings,...) within the synergy folder itself.

Be able to run a script (executable / bat / ...) on certain error messages. With some %...% like tokens which acts as an parameter for the scripts. For example %IP_CLIENT% would represent the ip adress of the client that could be passed as an argument to the script/exe/...
For example a small grid in which there are 2 columns, 'ERROR' and 'SCRIPT/EXE'. The first column 'ERROR' is a dropdown/combobox in which the user can select the specified ERROR and create it's own customized action (script) to it. A lot of requests might be implemented by the user / community itself making SYNERGY more extensible and taking the pressure of the requests list?




I could not get the dragging of files/folders to work and I have read that this is an issue for many others.
For CLIENT installs, add an right click menu option "send to server", so when the user right clicks on a file or folder and selects the option "send to server"
it is then copied to server: either to the current active windows-explorer-window OR to the desktop (if no windows-explorer-window is active).
(maybe even a vice versa option also, meaning a 'send to client' within the server machine, in case of multiple clients a fold-out menu where a client could be selected)


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