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Beta 4 -- How to connect after switching networks

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I have a main laptop that I use that I that I take with me to multiple offices.   I have three different office locations.  When I go to a different office, Synergy 2 Beta 4 will not connect.

I have found a way to get it to connect, and I have tried various different combinations of the steps and if any of the steps are missing, I cannot get it to connect.

I have opened all 6 programs in the firewall as well as the two ports...  and the once it is connected I can turn the firewall on and it continues to work, but it won't connect initially without turning off the firewall.

Here are the steps....   1. Connect your machine to the new network.  2. Shut down the Synergy Client on all of the machines.  3. Turn off the firewall on all of the machines.  4. Restart the Synergy service on all of the machines.  5. Start the synergy client on all of the machines.    .....  All of the machines should now be successfully connected to each other ...  6.  Turn the firewall back on for all of the machines.

I don't know if there is another port besides 24800 and 24810 that is being used, or another program besides the 6 that needs to be given access for the initial connection.  But if those any of the steps are missing or in a different order, it will not do the initial connect.  Once you are connected, you are good for that network.  You can restart any of the machines and they will successfully reconnect to the same network....   However if you move a machine to a different network, you have to repeat the steps to get connected.

If somebody knows how to eliminate these steps, let me know.

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