Problem with copy/paste in PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1

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Hi everyone

I bought Synergy 2 a few days ago so I am new to how it works. I have tried the copy/paste function in Word, and it works perfectly. As the title says my problem is that when I try to copy/paste in PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1 my equation will not get pasted properly. When the equation is pasted it gets pasted as a text box and the text box is different from the equation. It should be said that I try to copy/paste between two computers which both are running Windows 10.
In Mathcad you work with a math region, where you write equations, and a regular text box. I think the problem is that the math region does not work as “normal” text and therefore Synergy 2 cannot paste it properly.
When I try to copy an equation from one computer to another, the copy/paste function stops working so I cannot copy/paste normal text from a Word document between 2 computers after trying to copy/paste an equation in Mathcad. To solve this problem, I have to restart both computers.

I hope this problem will be solved as I work in Mathcad nearly every day.

Sorry if my Enlgish is not perfect. 

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Thanks for the answer and great customer service.

I do not want a refund. Synergy works flawlessly in all other apps that I am using, and I am looking forward to the full release of it.

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