Mac 2.0 stable - Unable to connect to background service

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I just bought Synergy 2 Pro, installed it on my Mac and PC. It worked fine for about ten minutes, then it started disconnecting on the mac every couple minutes. Now it absolutely won't work, I keep seeing the mac client saying "Unable to connect to background service". When I click retry the window closes and reopens. I followed the uninstall instructions for mac, reinstalled, it does the same thing. It never asked me to sign into my Synergy account after reinstall so I'm not convinced that the reinstall instructions were accurate. I'm kind of miffed, because I would have bought the previous version if it worked. I only saw 2.0 to buy and I was eager to use it. I don't see any access to logs or config options unfortunately, so I have no idea where to begin troubleshooting.

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