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Hello there,

I'm not sure if anyone suggested it already, or if this feature is already implemented, i did a quick search and didn't find any..

so here's how it goes,

the ability to take screen shots on client's from the server and vice versa (server from client's) and client's to clients.


Regardless of what the active computer is, pressing the key combinations will trigger the screen shot command..

Having some sort of key shortcuts will make things easier..

Lets say.. 
Ctrl + Shift 1 = Whole configuration,
Ctrl + shift 2 = Server,
Ctrl + Shift 3 = Client 1 ,
Ctrl + Shift 4 = Client 2,
Ctrl + Shift 5 = Client 3 and so on...

So if I'm at client 1 and i want to take a screen shot on client 3's screen, all i have to do is press Ctrl + Shift 5....
and if I'm on the server or client 3 and wanted to take a screen shot on client 2 and the whole configuration, all i need to press is Ctrl + Shift 4 and Ctrl + Shift 1 respectively.

Something similar i guess? Well I'm sure synergy team can implement this much better..  or if anyone can suggest a much easier way to do it, feel free to do so.. 

I just think that its really cool and helpful to have this kind of functionality. It makes things much seamless :D 

I wonder if this is possible with synergy 2's future updates? 

Peace out

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