Synergy 2.0.1 Stable with Recent Windows 10 Update Connection quirk

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Hi Guys,

It looks like there is a hiccup in Synergy 2.0.1 Stable with regards to Windows 10 on some update.  At one point, it doesn't seem to recover and then 'forgets' itself.

I restarted Synergy and logged in, where it suddenly believed it was 'by itself', despite both logging into the service.

I noticed some issues with the client getting into a connection issue.  The live log was showing the following:


[2017-11-23T08:45:02] debug: invalid http request: <html><body><h1>408 Request Time-out</h1>
Your browser didn't send a complete request in time.

Spamming that to a degree.  I restarted services on both machines, one point getting both showing green status, but the client machine was acting like the server.  I tried to get the server to be server, but seeing that the client machine started getting weird connection errors similar to the above.

Shutdown both sides firewall wise, managed to get the connection back up, and then put the firewall back up and restarted the services and it seems to be working, but I am curious about this error message that came up that seems, to me, the source of my issue and the fact that my client decided to go 'autistic' and tell me to have another computer get installed with Synergy to join in on an already set up configuration.

I am also a bit concerned that in the beta, we had to open up a few applications for the firewall to keep it stable and right now the current build points to synergy-service.  Were the other applications not needing the openings in the firewall?

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