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Problem with Hyper-V Virtual Network Interface

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I have to disable all the "default switch" instances in network and sharing center.  There's been lots of posts over the year during the Beta and I can't tell if this issue has been addressed.  Essentially, from the logs, it is clear that Synergy tries to connect using the the IP of the Hyper-V switch: "vEthernet (Default Switch)" instead of the "vEthernet (External)". My local network is the 192. subnet but I see lots of connection attempts in the 172. subnet which is the address of my Hyper-V Switch.

Both windows 10 systems have Hyper-V installed and I've seen these problems on both systems.  There's 10 attempts before it eventually giving up. 

From the logs, until I disable the "default switch" in network sharing, it retries that address over and over again - despite me restarting the service manually.  Furthermore, it did not detect that the 192 subnet was alive and well during this period.  https://synergy-logs.symless.com/3d3c92a38e6c90b3f91273e3db783e1d/logs/2270-2017-11-24T10-32-46.log

Eventually, after disabling they hyper-v network, it connected fine.  HOWEVER, on, the app shows that neither system is "green" but as I type, I'm on that system with the mouse connected to my other system (  https://synergy-logs.symless.com/3d3c92a38e6c90b3f91273e3db783e1d/logs/2270-2017-11-24T10-42-35.log

Seems the algorithm for detecting which network the other synergy clients are on is still a work in progress. This has been consistently happening to me from the start of the Beta.

I'm posting here as I don't see any other posts in this forum on this topic.


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