synergy keeps assigning the wrong pc as server

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I have a laptop and a desktop which are now both running linux fedora and every time i mouse from the laptop to the desktop my cursor jumps to the middle of the screen and I can no longer mouse back over to the laptop

I ran ps aux | grep synergy and i found this

on my desktop

synergy-core --client -f --run-as-uid 1000 --debug DEBUG --name alexanderdesktop --enable-drag-drop --profile-dir /var/lib/synergy --log /var/log/synergy/synergy-core.log

and my laptop

synergy-core --server -f --run-as-uid 1000 --debug DEBUG --name alexanderlaptop --enable-drag-drop --profile-dir /var/lib/synergy --log /var/lib/synergy/synergy-core.log -c /var/lib/synergy/synergy.conf --address

The arguments for these are different for some reason and the arguments for my desktop look wrong (no --address before the address) I have tried reinstalling on both (going as far as to remove every single file with synergy in the name except for four that I will include at the bottom) and the arguments stay the same
I don't know how the server and client arguments are decided but i cannot for the life of me get my desktop to have the --server argument

log from desktop
(at line 626 i connect my laptop and mouse between screens having to specify to share from my desktop every 3 or so)

service files that did not leave


I thought the config was automatic forĀ  determining server and client and that it was decided based on activity, why are these arguments there? How do I change them if they are the problem?

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