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I am trying to use Synergy 2 PRO in an office IT environment where our IT department blocks certain outgoing traffic. I am used to having to ask our IT department to whitelist certain Internet IP addresses and ports so I can access them from my PC.

Once I start Synergy 2 PRO, I login, and then the auto-discovery window shows an error "There was a problem connecting to the auto-config service.".

I contacted Symless support and they suggested to do this:
1. Right-click on the blue or gray background
2. Select "Send log" from the menu
3. Click on the "View log" link once uploaded

Trawling through the logfile, I see these two lines over and over again:

debug: connecting websocket:
debug: tcp client connect error: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond

Doing an nslookup for, I get this IP address:

I can ask our IT department to whitelist IP, port 443. However, I am concerned that one day the URL or IP will change and I have to ask to whitelist yet another IP/port.

Does anyone know or can Symless customer support clarify which IP addresses Synergy 2 PRO uses? Is there a document anywhere that shows all the IPs/ports that need to be whitelisted in a firewall to get it to work?

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Is the firewall/UTM solution that they're using stateful (application/session-aware) or stateless (the opposite of stateful)?

If it's a stateful solution, then perhaps you could try whitelisting the application's traffic as opposed to simply whitelisting the IP.

If, however, it is stateless, try to see if you can whitelist the URL as opposed to the IP address or configure something on the company's DNS servers to make that possible. If not, just whitelist the IP and fix it when Synergy 2 is not able to connect. Since it is a critical cloud system on AWS, I assume it has a static IP, so you should be good there.

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