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I tried twice Synergy 2 on OS X and could'nt get it to work, it just didn't even install properly; the first time, it was a beta version, but the second times, it was the first official release, and  it still didn't work. The installation did not work, on the latest os X version...  The worse part is that it took me a long time to get synergy 1 to work properly after that. Seems that Synergy 2 uses the same support files, or seetings, or whaterver it is called, as Synergy 1 and made a mess of it.

So I don't want to try Synergy 2 again without being sure I can go back to Synergy 1 if it doesn't work. How can I do that? I don"t want to go over all the setting manually again on my two computers; there must be support files in the library folder or somewhere, that I can move away and back to get Synergy 1 exactly as it was before.  I don't understand all the settings, so I'm not sure of what I did to make it work properly... that's why I need to be sure I have a way to have Synergy 1 working again with minimum fuss.

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