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I am really disappointed about the version 2 of Synergy. It just doesn't work. I am using a Windows 10 and a Debian/Linux client. After installing, it worked perfectly. Then, it worked sometimes. Reboot / service restarts didn't help, btw. Now, it's not working anymore at all. The "current" error message is "There was a problem connecting to the config service". The journal on Linux says, that it is related to the Synergy cloud. I doubt, that this is the only problem.

Synergy is for most users an essential tool. The importance is on the same level as a working keyboard and a working mouse. Without Synergy there's often no access to the second or third computer/screen and this heavily disrupts our work.

I know, that developing such a complex cross-platform tool is difficult and error prone. However, that's true with many other things as well. Please just release 100% stable Software or mark it as Beta. Tell the people, that you're working on it, but you're not there yet. It's okay. But leaving the users with a not-working essential piece of Software definitely is not.

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