Hello, I use synergy to share my mouse/keyboard from a linux computer to a windows laptop. It works well for something like an hour, and then w/o any reason, synergy starts sharing from the laptop (there's the little dot below the windows computer in synergy windows). If I use "share from <linux computer>" option, it works again for an hour our so, and then it happens again. The laptop is next to me, doesn't have a mouse (only a pad) so I'm sure there was no accidental input from it that might confuse synergy. This happen consistently, even after restarting both the computer and the laptop. I have noticed it is often tied to the use of a meta key (shift, alt etc.) Any idea what could be causing this ? logs from the laptop computer right after the problem happened (while i was typing "{" + space -> "{" was received by the windows laptop, space was received by the linux computer) : https://synergy-logs.symless.com/d353aaff1a93ac9a67de1a40abba139d/logs/8607-2018-01-05T13-54-47.log