Failed to Connect to Server: Server Refused Client with Our Name

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I have searched this error and tried a number of things but still getting this error.

1.  I am using Synergy 1.9.0

2.  I am trying to connect 3 computers (2 of which are working)

3.  Server is Linux Mint (called mint-All-Series).  The other one working is Windows 10 (called DESKTOP-C9Q0979)

4.  Trying to add laptop (called xps13) but getting that error.

5.  I added a screen on "Configure Server" called xps13.

6.  I named the screen name of my laptop to xps13.

7.  I also added synergys.exe through the firewall on my laptop (ie, xps13).

What am I doing wrong?  Any help would be appreciated.  thanks.

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