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I decided to give Synergy 2 a go after being a longtime Synergy 1 user. I'm surprised by the overly simplistic UI and total lack of options or configurations. Granted, Synergy 2 supports autodetection but I was under the impression that this feature would be an addition. However it seems rather to be the only feature it does. I wanted to configure a funky display setup where I have 3 displays from 2 computers ( leftmost: PC1, middle: Laptop, rightmost: PC1) and was curious to see if I could accomplish that in version 2 however I was stumped to not find any setup menu at all.

The UI is overly simplistic and I am left clicking around hoping to see a menu somewhere or more information. I'm guessing since Synergy 2 isn't backward compatible the team went for a complete redesign and thus the features of Synergy 1 are not appliable.

I was hoping for improvements from version 1 and crunchy verbose data (I managed to get Synergy 1 portable by using it's debug data - a handy trick to quickly deploy on client computers). The new UI may be appealing to simple users however I feel powerusers will be left out - I suggest the cold and boring UI of version 1 be combined or available as an option menu for the 2nd version.

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