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Denis Milette

I do NOT want to be the guy who shows up here just to complain, but I need to get this off my chest:

Synergy 2, on the Mac at the very least, is a beta product. There. I'm sorry :(

I'm a happy Synergy customer and have been for years, but I just cannot deal with version 2, and here is why:
- mouse handles like an old shopping cart on the client screen to the point of being flat out unusable (this is probably my hardware, but it works in v.1 and a $100 mouse is going to win this argument...)
- almost persistent disconnections
- copy/paste/drag&drop is inexistent (never works)
- cursor jumps back into the middle of the screen when going to and from different screens
- almost no documentation
- UI offers little to no info (I can't even get the log to show up by pressing "~" !)

I understand the concept of v.2, and I really like it, but it's just not there yet. Keeping the UI nice and clean is a great idea, but we still need a bit of control, like restarting services, killing process, etc. Think of who is using your software; most of us will have above daily user level knowledge... we are trying to use at least two machines at once for crying out loud! ;)

All this would not bother me much if it wasn't for one thing: we keep being told "it will be in 2.1" but at the same time you say 2.1 won't be out "for a while"... I must commend your transparency and wouldn't want it any other way, but at the same time, could we not split up what will be implemented in future versions and try to take smaller steps?

Again, don't take this as a rage quit; I am going back to v.1 for now, but I still think you guys have excellent customer support and a great idea. I just wish the dev and timeline choices were revisited a bit. I have not and will not ask for a refund even if I was offered as I still believe in this product, but right now I feel like I have a Sourceforge-Open-Source-beta-level product and it's a shame.

I hope I wasn't too out of place.

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Anyone that considers this a rage quit has an issue with an easily bruised ego. Every point that you have brought up is both valid and has been voiced by several other users. 

Although I am a new moderator, what I will always be is a customer first because I bought the product as well, and want to see it succeed. 

As long as you keep tastefully stating facts to support your feelings, please be critical. End user needs drive development. If you don't complain it won't get fixed.

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