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Launch script when entering new screen

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Using Synergy 1.9.0-rc3 on Ubuntu 16.04/17.10

Both computers are connected to the same display, but on another input port: DVI and DP

When I exit the screen with the mouse of computer1, I have to manually change the source of my screen so I can see the screen of computer2.

I know that I simply can send a terminal command to my screen to switch the input source: sudo ddccontrol -r 0x60 -w 15 dev:/dev/i2c-3

Thats what I want synergy to do for me.


My question: 

Is it possible to trigger a script when the synergy mouse leaves a screen or when the mouse enters a screen ?

If yes, where / how?


Thanks for any inputs.


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I figured out two approaches so far, but need help from someone knowing synergy on Linux.

1.)  Launching synergy from terminal with the --debug INFO flag, then use expect to catch the debug info INFO: entering screen and trigger the script.

after reading all the docs on Github I was not able to properly launch synergy from terminal with a debug output (I guess the docs are out of date) 

2.) Edit the configuration file so it will launch a script when entering/leaving screen.

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