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Hi there.

I've started using Synergy at work; spanning Win7, Win10, and Ubuntu. Win7 is the preferred master.

  • Orientation: [Ubuntu]-[Win10]-[Win7]
  • Synergy v2.0.7-stable

When I leave my desk I always lock the PC with the keyboard shortcut, and often when I return to work in the morning there will be a control issue I need to resolve before I can start working. A rough pattern is as follows:

  • Unlock PC (Win7) with keyboard shortcut (Start-L)
  • Mouse and keyboard are frozen
  • Change master to Win10 or Ubuntu
  • Wait for new control regime to start working across entire span, may require a bit of back-and-forth, enabling and disabling of Synergy before it "settles"
  • Change back to Win7 as master
  • Control may resume, but other odd behaviour is evident; most notably activation of screen orientation shortcuts when I press arrow keys (usually CTRL-ALT-[UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT])

I have disabled the hot-keys for screen orientation in the Intel HD Graphics control panel, but is there more I can do to improve long-term stability?


The lock-up of the controls seems to be easy to reproduce:

  • Lock Win7 PC
  • Move mouse pointer left, towards Win10 PC
  • (!) Control lock-up when the mouse hits the screen boundary


I'm using the Logitech MK850 if it's of any relevance, and each PC has a unified receiver connected (the old, rather awkward method I was using to control the 3 PCs with a single keyboard/mouse combo).


I'm very impressed with the functionality of Synergy when it's working as intended, so look forward to being able to keep it as part of my tool-set.






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Good troubleshooting info and problem description. Thanks for that -- it really helps!

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