Can we go back to a Working version 1.8+?

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Coerced into the Synergy 2 Hype a bit too prematurely.  Simple Answer...

It doesn't work.

Sure it "kinda" works for about 20-30 minutes across multiple platforms, then randomly... boom... no connection able to leave main pc to clients.  Clients can sometimes go back to main using their own mice, but the server won't work the other direction... 

Then randomly, the servers will change the primary back and forth to the other clients, swapping which one is primary....

i just want to go back to the original Symless, with the 2 mins of setup time so i can "consistently" be able to use both/sometimes all 3 pcs on my network...  And if i have to reboot the program once every 2-3 hours, that's fine... but this 20 minutes then having to reboot the PC to get it to work again is done... 

Update something more stable please.  I don't want to charge back for something that doesn't work... at least give us a product that is stable, or if your going to change to 3 or something, don't charge again for the new one... already paid for 1, and 2... shouldn't have to keep paying for something new to fix what the original version should have been doing in the first place. 

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