Curious about synergy and wake on pattern match

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I know this can be tested but im a bit hunkered down with 2 infants one of which had her shots and is a bear atm so Ill admit, i took the easier route by coming here to ask.

If i have pattern match enabled, my pc just about instantly starts upon putting it to sleep.  If i disable, im golden.

I do use wake on lan/magic packet - but that by itself causes 0 issues.

Could/would/does synergy use/trigger magic pattern between pc's or am i barking up the wrong tree?  If so, and i disable it - what functionality am i going to be sacrificing? 

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at first quick glance (admittedly this stuff is a bit above my pay grade) I found

The default patterns on a Windows 7 system are:

  • Magic Packet.
  • NetBIOS Name Query 
  • TCPv4 SYN
  • TCPv6 SYN
  • IPv6 Neighbor Solicitation

Based on the way synergy now functions with the fancy shmancy dynamic networking - seems like #2 could/would be the culprit?  I dont user ipv6 and can omit magic packet unless somethings just rapid/shooting them out.  So that leaves me w/ NetBIOS name query or TCPv4 SYN (w/e that is)

Since magic pattern is enabled by default, id like to leave it that way.  Id imagine id be losing something by disabling it.  But at the expense of not being able to sleep my pc the scales begin to tip.

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