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Other mouse/keyboard attached - a problem?

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Synergy works beautifully  across  my two old Macs, but the 2009 El Capitan iMac has been having freeze-crashes and the last 2 required Disk Repair - on a brand new SSD. Unfortunately I have been  unable to isolate the problem as I didn't have 2 computers until very recently, and they are running 2 heavy MIDI/Audio programmes both new to me, with their own challenges.

Memory is fine on both, and when I run Activity Monitor CPU is generally fine.

Today I  once again temporarily disabled and/or Quit Synergy to narrow down the cause, and removed its icon from the TaskBar planning to uninstall it tomorrow unless Support has some other advice for me. 

I had another crash, but I also noticed something ...For now, I'm using a USB keyboard on each computer and a USB mouse on the iMac,  bluetooth mouse on the MacMini. The mouse has been not tracking well this evening, and I just noticed that when I nudged it to the left while typing, the cursor moved to the iMac- just as if I was using Synergy. The iMac must be picking up the BT mouse, which could have caused issues?

Correction - I just checked Activity Monitor on the iMac, and Synergy is actually still running there!  And on the MacMini too. So I guess I have not eliminated it yet.

But my first question remains - does having secondary USB or BT keyboard and or mouse attached cause problems? I try to avoid it, but have been mostly leaving at least a seconday mouse connected,as when things go badly the Synergised mouse and keyboard are no longer available, and  it is easier to avoid a total freeze crash when I can close windows and use the keyboard to Force Quit whatever is running.

Another question - I just tried to Force Quit Synergy using the Activity Monitor, but it continues to show it as running, Synergy core and synergy service. 

Shutting both down now anyway, will see what tomorrow brings. 

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