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First off I have ysed Snergy before the upgrade - I will state I HATE the new gui. Its not simple at all and me not being able to do manual settings is so bogus. I am guessing there is a way for me to still make changes? 

I bought synergy for use with win 10 and High sierra. When it works it works well, but most of the time I have sync issues. Which honestly I wouldn't mind that much because I use the shared computer not as frequent but when this happens the HOST machine also has sync issues with its own mouse/keyboard. This seems odd to me and infuriates me when I cant even get my hardware to work on the device its connected too. Most times I just turn off synergy because it makes it unusable. I am hoping there is a reason for this and it can be fixed in the future. Both my devices are wireless so this could be part of the issue but again if my HOST machine didn't replicate the sync issue I honestly wouldn't mind the so often disconnect when trying to control the other machine.

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