Synergy 2.0.8 bugs on fullscreen

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Hi All

I have:

Windows instance: 1709 Build 16299.309

ParrotOS instance: version 3.11


I used synergy 2.0.8 and when I go to full screen on the one computer in something like youtube and move over to the other one, the pointer will start lagging and eventually the hosting pc will swap over to the pc that is suppose to be the client.

I reverted back to synergy 1 as 2 has to many issues in it.


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Step 1 is starting a support ticket. Let the smart guys work with you on this.

There's a usual pattern of troubleshooting.

1. Stop/start Synergy service. Both machines.

2. Reboot both.

3. Totally clean uninstall/reinstall.

The lag/stutter has many possible causes. Sometimes it is a conflict with some other app. In my case, it was an old Win7 computer that desperately needed a HD defrag.

Support has been pretty quick since 2.08. came out.

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