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Hi, got synergy pro a week ago.  Installed with no prob. Configured as follows: Tablet W-10 as Master, Laptop W-8.1 as slave

With synergy active, the laptop screen won't blank out after a certain time of inactivity and I am forced to manually put the computer to sleep.  I remove synergy and

everything is back to normal.   

The laptop also has a phone answering software installed.  With synergy active, that service stops working.  I remove synergy and the

program reactivates by itself and works fine.

So .... it seems that synergy has a few problems and given there are no configuration options of any kind only adds to my frustration.

Additionally, I already left two email messages regarding these problems (about 5 days ago) and haven't heard back.




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You and I have a similar setup, but both of mine are true laptops. I can verify your findings with the win 8.1 screen not sleeping. Have you gone into your screen setting and resaved the settings? I honestly cannot remember at this moment what I did to fix my issue like that.

Also, what is the phone software that you are using? And do you have any knowledge of how it works (ports, dependent services, etc.)? Even with rigorous testing there is no way to avoid potential conflict with ALL software.

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Hey JDDoesIT;

Thanks for the advice and sorry for my late response.  Been away for a while.

Anyway, I just stopped using this program and purchased another one.  The new one

I got is working flawlessly; no tweaking of my screen settings or knowledge of how other

software operates required.   Thanks again for your help.  I do appreciate it.

Have a great day.

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