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Problem with FHD Windows Server and UHD/FHD Ubuntu client.

I am facing a problem with my Synergy 2.0.8 stable setup of FHD Windows 10 as a server and UHD Ubuntu 16.04 as a client.

The problem is that it doesn't always go to the client screen when I try to go from Windows to Ubuntu, one out of there four things happens absolutely randomly.

1- The mouse gets stuck at the edge of my Windows server. I could see the a single line of the pointer on the screen.

2- The mouse goes out of the screen but not on the Ubuntu client. But I have to travel the same amount of distance back with my mouse to pointer to appear on the Windows server again.

3- The pointer goes back to the center of my Windows server.

4- It actually gets to the Ubuntu client.

All of these occur just randomly.

But once I have the pointer on the Ubuntu client, it works absolutely fine for as long as I stay on the client, as soon as I go back to the server, I face the same problem again. I have attached the logs as well. Can somebody please tell me what's going on and how to solve this? I even tried WQHD and then FHD resolution on the client, but nothing worked.

Link to the logs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_YY6UWwflntvAFsVkGqT8VVDPXud1Xro/view?usp=sharing

Best regards.

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