Hello, today after I made the Windows 10 April upgrade to Windows 10 Version 1803 on my Synergy host PC, I am facing all kind of weird issues with Synergy (2.0.10-stable). The mouse doesn't jump to the other Windows 10 client (a laptop) at all most of the time. And when it does, the mouse cursor becomes invisible, and doesn't go back to the other PC anymore. On the other hand, for my other MacOS client the jump is by far too sensitive - the mouse jumps already to the other client when it is more than 200 pixels away from the border of the screen. But then I have the same issues on the MacOS client as on the other Windows client: the mouse becomes invisible, and I can't get it back to the host PC anymore. I have to stop the service. I cannot continue using Synergy in this current state!   I didn't have *any* issues (apart from the issue that the mouse jumps back to the host when I type an '@' or other special character) before the Windows 10 April upgrade.   I already re-installed Synergy on all machines. I removed all PCs from the Synergy UI and added them again. But nothing helped. It just doesn't work anymore. Please tell me that you tested Synergy with the Windows insider builds in the past couple of months/weeks so that you could get a hold of issues that might arise with this next Windows upgrade?