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Language Change issue / Can't Copy Files Issue

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Hello! I own a synergy licence for some time now, but I haven't really worked with it because my second computer was not available for a year or so. Now i got it back and I want to start using Synergy again. Even though basic setup is fairly simple, I face couple of issues.

Some info: My setup has two PCs running Windows 10 Pro 64 . Its one desktop and one laptop. Desktop is the server, laptop the client. I am using latest Synergy 1 Basic.

To the issues:

1. In both my PC and laptop i have English US and Greek languages. When i try to type in Greek in my laptop (client) i use the alt+shift to change language, but as soon as i start to type it goes back to English. Not even 1 letter is typed in Greek. When i leave screen the language does not change. Just when i start to type anything anywhere.

2. Cannot copy files from one to the other. I can't drag and drop either. I've tried small files mostly, 1-5mb. Never worked.

Please let me know if you need any extra information. 



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