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Synergy 1.10.1 is not working properly on my MacBook Air "High Sierra 10.13.6"

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Hi all,

Long time I'm facing problems on my MacBook Air to use Synergy. I reinstall a couple of times in a month with a fresh download from January till now. I searching a solution to figure it out.

When I install the synergy 1.10.1 to my Mac, an attention pop-up is appearing;


like this.
1) When I'm choosing [yes], it's trying to find this configuration file that I didn't find any example of it and I don't know how to create it and where to load it.
2) When I'm choosing [no], at the first time synergy is working how it should be.
But when I turn off the Mac or it's getting on sleep mode or I close the screen and open again, and try to reach Synergy, it is not responding.

The top bar menu


is turning totally off to



The message


appear for a second and disappear, the top bar menu get offline as I told. I cannot reach anymore to Synergy at all until I uninstall synergy and reinstall it again.

The activity monitor is showing that Synergy is working on the background


but it's not showing the main screen like


How can I solve it? Any further tips?

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