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Good Day.

My feature request is for a "Portable" installation option for synergy.

My environment is as follows. On my desk at work I have my personal laptop (with full admin rights) and my employer provided computer (Win7, locked down tight computer) In my employer provided computer I do have a USB stick to give me a few extra programs without the hassle of getting IT Services to install them.

I have a seperate keyboard and mouse for my laptop so I have two sets of keyboards / mouse on my desktop.

I'd like to have the server running on my laptop and the client running as a portable version on my employers desktop. 

Maybe an alternative would be to be able to install the program without requiring admin rights on the computer? I don't know how possible this is but I know it can be done, I installed chrome this morning with no admin rights onto the main computer.


Thank you for reading.

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We totally understand the need for a portable version, and it's something we will consider in future.

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