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Fedora upgrades synergy from v1 to v2 (I think)

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I've got a desktop (Fedora 28) and a laptop (Fedora 29) that I was having a weird problem with synergy on. As I got ready to post, I wanted to verify I was running the latest version 1 so I clicked Help > About ... and it said version 2.0.0 which confused me so I started investigating.

I checked dnf and it said synergy 2.0.0-4 was installed from the fedora repo. So I uninstalled, downloaded and reinstalled version 1.10.1 and then did a dnf upgrade and sure enough, dnf wanted to replace 1.10.1 with 2.0.0.

Not sure who needs to fix this permanently, but if anyone else runs into this issue you can add





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Just FYI: I use KDE and the graphical software updater does not respect the exception entry in dnf.conf (I'm not sure if the graphical software updater is a Fedora feature or a KDE feature)

If this annoys me enough to figure out how to fix it, I'll update the post.

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