Hey y'all! Kelvin here. Just a few updates coming directly from the Synergy team that I feel that you should know about. Please note that these updates have all been announced publicly and I will be providing sources for these. They are public information. Synergy gets new engineers! A few weeks ago, Symless had the opportunity to interview 6 experienced software developers that each teamed together to create an application known as "Thermocracy" as a display of their amazing talent, an app that is designed to allow voting of office temperature. Though it has not been confirmed publicly quite yet, Symless has expressed interest in providing job offers to these individuals. Should these 6 engineers be hired, this would be GREAT for the Synergy project as it moves forward. Looking forward to it, are you? Source: Slack, Twitter (@Synergy_App) Synergy 2 Status Our Slack is a great place to be. There's various amazing people there that are willing to help out with any issue that you may have. However, the Synergy team also has a significant presence there and as such, not only is direct informal support provided there, but some early announcements are also made there before being pushed out to the forums, blog, social media, etc. Earlier today, a message was sent publicly to the early access beta portion of our Slack community from Symless CEO Nick Bolton. It read as follows: "Hey, S2 beta is no longer in development. We’re skipping that version and going to the next one (we’ll probably call it S3). Your beta early access account will allow you access to future betas. Let me know if you need a refund." Synergy 2 development will most likely be discontinued in favor of a new version that gets the balance of a streamlined interface right, offers more advanced configuration for our tech junkies in the community, and offers a wide selection of features, including most of those available in Synergy 1 (if not all of them). If you have paid the beta access price, as stated above, you will have access to what seems at this time all of the future betas. If you have any concerns, please make a forum post about it in General Discussion or use the support link on the website.  If you require or desire a refund for your beta purchase or any other purchase, please use the support link or email [email protected] Details on the Synergy refund process can be found here:  We feel that our community has a right to be informed and that no information that is released to the public should ever be released in exclusivity. Post on the forums if you have any questions!