Can we get a quick update for 1903?

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So i insidered 1903 awhile back, noticed it broke synergy 2 with multiple displays, so i reverted.  I was inadvertently trying to test something else anyhow.

here we are, weeks down the road, and I accidentally just found out they apparently pushed it to the app fixes/drivers ring.   Surprise! im on 1903.

Whelp, same problem.

I have 3 displays   Main PC ---> Main PC accessory ----> Backup PC -----> Laptop (but irrelevant)

It has worked flawlessly up until now.   For whatever reason, I get half way across my accessory display and the cursor disappears.  Poof.   Only reason I "kind of" know where it is, when I click the mouse button, everything on my backup pc minimizes.   I click again, it comes back.   Cursor cant be seen, or evidently moved.

The only way to bring it back is to connect a mouse to the backup pc and click on the desktop to auto"share" from that pc.   It will put the cursor back and functioning on the main pc.

Funny part is, I have my windows set up on the accessory display so i cant even move my cursor over there to stop the service.  I literally have to "synergy"-over from my backup pc to stop the service.


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anyone know of a solid alternative with dynamic switching server/client wise?

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