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Read first: Need help with Synergy?

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Having problems with Synergy?

If you'd rather get help here on the forums, that's fine too.

  • When posting, make sure you share your log links for all of your computers.
  • Use the Early Access¬†forum for the next major version and beta versions.
  • If you want to post about a feature, use the¬†Feature Ideas¬†forum.

We have some basic rules on our forums we'd like you to follow.

  • Be polite and constructive when posting, we're building a friendly community.
  • Start a new thread for new discussions (don‚Äôt go off-topic in existing threads).
  • Try to join in on existing¬†posts about issues that are already being discussed.
  • Please don't necropost; replying to¬†very old threads (older than 6-12 months).
  • Rather than saying "me too", use the reaction button (bottom right of each post).¬†


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