Microsoft Remote Desktop on Mac, No Shift Keys

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This is an issue on version 1 also, but I figured I'd post it here.  I have two Mac's that I share a keyboard / mouse between.  If I go to the second Mac which I am using Synergy to control the keyboard and Mouse, and I try to run Microsoft Remote Desktop to access a Windows box over an RDP session, the shift keys do not work.  If I use the keyboard from that machine it is fine.  The Shift keys just do not work within Microsoft Remote Desktop RDP session when you try to use them through Synergy.  This happens with the old version of Synergy and older versions of Microsoft Remote Desktop.  As a result, if I use Microsoft Remote Desktop, I need to use an actual keyboard if I expect to use the Shift Keys.  They shift key works fine within the admin screens of Microsoft Remote Desktop, just not inside of the RDP session.  VNC, OSX Screen Share, everything else is fine but RDP within Microsoft Remote Desktop.  Anyone have an ideas?

This issue occurs on Mojave and High Sierra, 



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