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I have replied to a post on this topic before, but it was an old one and so I thought to start afresh as per the forum's guidelines (please let me know if I have misunderstood this).

Setup is as follows:

  • Version: Synergy 1 Pro 1.10.2
  • Server: Windows 10 home
  • Client: Linux Ubuntu 18.04.2

I experience a lot of issues with repeated keystrokes and the cursor appearing to freeze. Repeated keystrokes occur frequently and the freezing varies though at times it is so frequent the mouse is unusable.

Previously I tried:

  • Reinstalled both Synergy 1 and 2, following the guides to ensure both OSs are clean etc.
  • Multiple Synergy configs including turning off TLS, clipboards etc.
  • Disabled WiFi on my Ubuntu system (and actually on my Windows PC as well) and I am not able to identify any other nics etc.
  • I've reduced the number of services/apps etc. running on Windows esp. network related
  • I'm not able to identify anything in Windows' logs, or at least that I am capable of identifying
  • There are no obvious setups i.e. running things in a specific sequence, at the same time etc. that appear to have an effect

Recently (as I mentioned in the older post), it appears that there is some correlation between the movement of the mouse and typing i.e. when typing, if the mouse is constantly moved, repeated keystrokes and freezes are apparently non-existent. Stop moving the mouse and the problems return. I understand that this is not directly related to the mouse itself, but likely something to do with the connection established between server and client.

Today I tried running tcptrack and bmon. There were no apparent issues, the port stayed open and there were no errors showing on the interfaces (at least that my limited knowledge would allow me to identify). Yet again, however, I did notice that the error rate decreased i.e. repeated key strokes were less frequent as were freezes. At the moment I am at a loss as to what this is and certainly cannot rule out an issue with my systems (if I had access to more I would test them).

I really don't want to go the hardware route, but it looks like this may well be my only option, which is a shame as in general I do love this product, despite the issues. So, any further suggestions would be really welcome.


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