Paste into Outlook Office365 on Chrome from linux doesn't include carriage returns

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I'm running Synergy 1.10.2 with an Ubuntu 19.04 server and macOS 10.14.6 client.  If I cut from one of my linux terminal windows and paste it directly into an Office 365/Outlook web view on Safari or Chrome, any carriage returns don't carry over, however, if I paste into a text editor, terminal window editor, or Office365/Outlook in Firefox, the carriage returns follow.  

ORIGINAL linux terminal:


Chromium-based browser (WaveBox 4.11.2.  Chrome 76.0.3809.100 behaves identically)


Safari (narrower window than above):


Nano running in iTerm:




NOTE that if I paste into the working areas, and then reselect and paste THAT into Outlook, it gives the expected result.  

Further note, this only happens on the web version of Outlook.  the native macOS version (16.16.12) is fine:


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@Aphoid  this is a Chrome clipboard issue, normally, the text sent to the clipboard can sometimes not include the carriage return.

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