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Michael Austen-Davies

Oh Dear...last 2 versions not worked for me...

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Sadly I am becoming severely disenchanted with Synergy. It used to be terrific - I enthused about it to all of my friends and sang its praises far and wide. It was a super piece of computer 'kit'. Ignoring my Grandad's advice, '...if it ain't broke...' I updated to version 1.7.3 and instantly regretted it. It took me a looooong time and lotsa searching before I managed to get it running properly again...but it did run well for me (eventually) - just like old times. I was really in 2 minds about updating to v 1.7.4. After all, my Synergy seemed to be running fine for me. So, ignoring my Grandad's advice for the 2nd time I updated... Absolute bl**dy disaster...I cannot get it running and I'm in despair about it ever running successfully again. Funny old thing, when it was free it was wonderful, since I've paid my $10 it's been woeful... I shall not be ignoring my Grandad's advice in the future.

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