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Richard Foletta

On mac leave application and come back with no cursor

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Richard Foletta
I am running Syndergy 1.7.4 pro on Windows 7 pro 64bit SP1 as server and MacBook Pro 10.10.4 for client. I am running the PyCharm IDE on the mac and while in the editor I can type and have a cursor. If I leave the application to go to any other application like a browser or terminal and then go back to PyCharm, the cursor is no longer there and I cannot type anything into the editors. The only think I have found to get the cursor back is to open the PyCharm Preferences from from the PyCharm Menu bar and then close it and the cursor comes back to the editor. I also run a Virtual Linux box on this mac using VirtualBox and within the VM I run the same PyCharm and have had no issues with the cursor getting lost. I have been doing all my development within the VM without issue and want to move my development directly onto the mac but this is preventing me from doing so. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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