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Can not type special characters (third level characters)

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Hi there, just noticed that on my setup I can't enter third level characters (AltGr + key) on the Windows client. Setup: - Server: Linux (Xubuntu 13.10) - Client: Windows 7 - Input language: German (both C and S) Character examples: - "@" (AltGr + Q) -> resulting in "q" - "{" (AltGr + 7) -> "7" - "~" (AltGr + +) -> nothing - All the normal numbers on the main block: - - if they have a third function: shows the number instead - - if they don't: nothing Looks like AltGr modifier is not taken into account at all. Really important one, this way Synergy is basically useless to me as I can't program without special characters ;) Regards, Chris

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