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Nathan Keeney

Mouse sticky on mac screen edges

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Nathan Keeney
Hello, I just installed Synergy 1.7 on my Windows 8.1 PC (Server) and MacBook Air (OS X 10.10.3). Everything works great, but I noticed something odd - when the mouse cursor is on the mac screen, it becomes slightly "sticky" on the top edge only, such that I have to move the physical mouse several inches to get the cursor to move away from the edge. When I switch to using the Mac's mouse, it doesn't happen - only when the mouse is Synergy-controlled. It also does not happen on the PC. If it matters, the mac has two displays (laptop screen and external monitor) Oddly, the "stickiness" only occurs on the upper-left side (above where the seam between the two monitors is) of the external monitor. Anyone have any ideas what's going on? Thanks!
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