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Ilya Shulman

Role reversal script

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Hi! Here's a small bash script that effectively reverses client-server roles for Synergy. Just run it from the computer that has the keyboard and mouse that you need to share and it starts Synergy client and server as needed. I wrote this one for personal use, but you're welcome to use it if you find it handy. Comes with no warranty whatsoever though. [url=]Download from github[/url] Requirements:[list] [*]Runs only on Macs so far. I don't expect any problems porting it to Linux, not so sure about Window+cygwin.[/*:m] [*]You should be able to establish ssh connection from computer that shares its keyboard / mouse to the one using them (server to client in Synergy terms).[/*:m] [*]You'll need a Synergy server config file with host names as screen names (no “.local”).[/*:m] [*]The computer that will be sharing its keyboard / mouse should be connected to Ethernet, wired or wireless.[/*:m][/list:u]

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