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Randall Girard

Keystroke not working on server

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The following does not activate the keystroke on my server. It's only coming through on the client. Is it even possible to broadcast a keystroke to the server? In order to test, I open Notepad on both computers, and regardless of which is my active monitor, the keystroke only sends to my client and NEVER the server. keystroke(a) = keystroke(a,*) or keystroke(a) = keystroke(a,DESKTOP:LAPTOP) Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've sat here for a couple hours now trying as many things as I could think of. *EDIT* Also, the following does NOT work either: keystroke(a) = keystroke(a,DESKTOP) *EDIT 2* I understand that it says at that AutoHotKey and Synergy are conflicting software. However, I seem to have everything working on the client, and currently my only issue seems to be that I can't get the keystroke to work on my server. *EDIT 3* I didn't realize how bad Synergy interferes with full screen games (the crazy mouse movement.) Great. Wonder if I can get my $10 refunded.... *sigh* *UNRELATED TO Synergy* I'm attempting to trigger events inside of AutoHotKey (3rd party scripting language for hotkeys) on both of my systems, in order to move the mouse and send key presses using loops, delays, and logic. I'm trying to make these scripts run at the same time on both computers, while never having to switch control to the client. So far I can only run my event on both client and server by first catching it in Autohotkey (on the server) and then sending the keystroke out (to be picked up by Synergy,) which I could live with... Except, so far this seems unreliable, AND once I run AHK in Administrator mode (needed for my purpose) the keystroke no longer reaches Synergy, and therefor never the client.

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